Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ways to Take Money out of PayPal after Reload

I got the PayPal Business debit card which lets you use your funds in your paypal like you had a bank account with them. This has no monthly or annual fees but does have a $1 atm withdrawal fee.  I had posted how you can add funds using a PayPal Reload Card here but I was trying to find ways to get my money back out.

1) Get a Money Order at Walmart. I tried this with the debit card and it worked and the transaction shows as a purchase from here.
2) Load your Bluebird card with the debit card. Vanilla reloads would be better but if you can't find any, this is an option.
3) Pay your airline tickets. Many airlines accept PayPal as a form of payment so if you don't have the airline card or a credit card that earns good rewards on airlines then this is an option.
4) Use it for every day purchases. Yes this sounds like a no brainer but I already earned points/miles from the reload plus I can get 1% cash back for purchases that you sign for and online purchases. I don't think there is a limit and cash back bonus is deposited at the beginning of each month. Requires registration for the PayPal Preferred Rewards Program and must have a premier or business account. Double dip opportunity or triple dip if you go through an online portal!

How would PayPal be lucrative?

I know that my CVS lets me buy these with a credit card, so if you use the right credit card and want to build up these points listed below then this would work for you!

Credit Cards to use to purchase PayPal Reload Card
1) Chase Freedom cc has 5% cash back up to 1,500 in purchases ($75 cash back) at drugstores from Jan-March 2013. Must enroll to activate category bonus.
2) HHonors Amex cc gives you 6 points per dollar for select major drugstores (which includes CVS)
3) Club Carlson US Bank cc give you 5 points per dollar anywhere
4) US Bank Cash+ cc gives you 2% back at drugstores if you pick this category (no limit)
5) Citi Dividend Platinum Select Visa cc has 5% cash back at drugstores from Jan-March 2013. Maxed at $300 in cash back/yr. Must enroll to activate category bonus

Let me know of any other credit cards to use!

Just a reminder the max you can load to paypal using the reloads is $500 per day or $4,000 per month

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  1. Thanks a lot, Elena.

    Now this one will die as well. Bloggers will be the death of deals. Do you have any idea how many deals get killed by you people?

    You are not our friends.

  2. I am no means a big blogger and I'm sure someone already blogged about this. This is just helpful info to share with others so I'm sure this won't "die" buuut thanks for reading :-)

  3. Don't worry about the anti-blogger spam Elena. If they don't like your blog they should just move on. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing.

  4. Thanks Nick :) I just like sharing what I've learned so others can benefit too

  5. I am writing to verify the fact that you can load your Bluebird card with the Paypal Debit card at Walmart - daily limit of $500 applies from Bluebird. No fees are charged. So as to not attract attention of the Walmart employee, Paypal or Bluebird - I tend to change up the amounts that I load. Some days $200, some days $450. It doesn't cost any different. Convenient considering there are Walmart's all over the place.

    1. Zero need to worry about what Walmart employees think - loading via debit is perfectly legit. And you have a $1K/day limit for debit loads, not $500...

      The weak link is ever using PP in the first place - the card is run by Netspend, who are notorious for closing accounts. And PP Mandarins are always suspicious of people moving cash into PP and then out again - I'm sure PP reload cards get extra special attention...

  6. Hey anon: Greedy nellies like you annoy me; it's people like you who are, say, happy to move into a neighborhood, but damned if it's okay if anyone else moves in afterwards. Hell, you got yours, and that's all that counts.

    Elena, curious to know if using the PayPal card to load BB at Walmart would accrue 1% PayPal credits, or -- because it's a debit transaction -- perhaps it wouldn't count?

    Anyway, thanks in advance for your insights, and thanks also for the post :)

  7. Dear Elena,
    I stumbled onto your blog thru another blogger. I love your post! Do you know if paypal debit card checks credit? Does the Business debit version hold better value than the personal version?


  8. @Adam the card would not earn 1% for bluebird because it would be a debit. Only credit transactions earn cash back. Thanks btw!

    @JK There is no credit pull since it is a debit card. Also the business debit is the only one that will earn 1% cash back I believe. Thanks

  9. Elena, from your link, i do not know if there is a distinction of PayPal Business debit card and PayPal Personal debit card? And are you saying to get 1% cashcash on the debit card I need to enroll into PayPal Preferred Rewards Program and must have a premier or business account? Or basically can i have a paypal debit card on my personal paypal account? thanks.

  10. @Carolina, In order to get the 1% cash back, you must have a premier or bus account and must register for the preferred rewards. Hope this helps!

  11. Can I buy and load a PayPal Reload card and then take that card to Wal Mart and use it to reload my Bluebird? Or do I need to first load $$$ to the Reload product, then load from it to a PayPal debit card and then to Bluebird at Wal Mart?
    Sorry if I have misunderstood this process but I wasn't sure from your instructions.

  12. @atanac the later is correct. You need to load the paypal reload card to paypal then use the debit card to load your bluebird card.

  13. Elena, thanks for the tweet. Also, just wanted to confirm that the PayPal debit MC works just fine for loading the birdie :)


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